Most states report some degree of international buying activity. Yet Florida alone accounts for 58% of all sales to international buyers. Moreover, Florida’s share—presently at 31.0%—is higher than the combined shares of California (12.0%), Texas (9.0%) and Arizona (6.0%). This represents a threefold increase in international property transactions in just four years. In 2007, Florida enjoyed only 10% of international sales.


Typically, international buyers spend more per property too. The average price paid by international buyers was $315,000 compared with the overall U.S. average of $218,000.

Another interesting fact is that 62 percent of international purchases are reported as being all cash. This percentage is significantly higher than all-cash purchases for domestic buyers.

REALTORS participating in the survey furthermore reported that their clients often found them online or through their company’s system of international referrals. This is arguably the most important point in the survey for would-be sellers in the process of choosing a Real Estate Agent.

With international buyers so integral to our market, make sure to list your property with a true international Real Estate Company to achieve the best result. Contact us today if you are interested in selling your home.