Bradenton – Sarasota: Florida has long been seen as an ideal place to invest in real estate. Those interested in investment property in Florida have the benefit of a strong renter’s market, fabulous weather and, best of all, they can take advantage of Sea to Sky Realty services. Sea to Sky Realty offers full-service property management to their clients in Manatee and Sarasota county.

They find the property, purchase it, renovate it, lease it, and manage the property for their clients. All the client needs to do is make the initial investment and collect the checks. Many of our clients live out of state or out of country. There is no need to respond to late night calls regarding issues, Sea to Sky Realty takes care of all that for you.

Growth with Sea to Sky Realty

Investing in Florida income producing properties has never been so easy. The market is full of opportunity right now. Not only are you investing in an area with a historically strong real estate and rental market, you are investing in a market that is primed for recovery while the barriers to investment are still low.

Projections suggest Florida will keep growing for the next several decades with baby-boomers retiring. Bradenton and Sarasota will especially benefit due to the close proximity of the Gulf of Mexico and land ready for commercial development to the east.

For baby-boomers and out of state / country residents, we have founded our vacation rental subsidiary Anna Maria Island Real Estate, Suncoast Vacation, which takes care of exclusively renting your property short term to vacation guests. So you can take advantage of having your own place in the Sunshine State while generating residual income while you are not here.

Depending on the amount of self-usage this can be pretty lucrative, including positive tax benefits and the safety of full rents being collected before move-in when the economy takes a dip.

Most people think of Island homes when it comes to vacation properties. In fact, the same or even better ROI in this field can be generated with mainland properties close to the water and outside the flood-prone areas (which saves on flood insurance).

Flipping is out – landlording is in

For example in the regular residential rental market we have seen net ROI (return on investment) of 10%+ annually in addition to potential future appreciation in property values. Hard to beat with current interest rates close to zero and economy running strong.

To search for investment properties we suggest our Bradenton / Sarasota MLS income search.



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