Welcome to the Corporate REO Division of Sea to Sky Realty!

Sea to Sky Realty is Florida’s most innovative full service real estate brokerage company. We have been assisting customers with their consulting needs since 1992, using personalized traditions of service and building global connections.

The Corporate REO Division is a leader in the industry and utilizes the national strength and full resources, stability and integrity. As a full service asset management company, we manage and market foreclosed properties on behalf of banks and mortgage companies throughout the country, including property, eviction and closing management services.

Full Asset Management Services

Our full asset management services include the following services:

Your property will be listed on the national company website
Equal effort is made to sell properties of all types and values
Quick, accurate inspections, price opinions
Knowledge of competent, trustworthy contractors and vendors for required repairs
Complete accounting and reporting functions
Occupancy status within 24 to 48 hours
Eviction management
BPO/Market plan submission within 7 to 14 days
Expense management billed monthly or upon close of escrow
Revised marketing plan submission 30, 60 and 90 days after initial listing
Open title and management of curative title issues
Negotiation of contracts with prior variance to be set by client
Closing management and coordination
As an industry leader, we stand ready to serve your best interests, whether your needs are large or small. For the finest in REO services, simply give us the opportunity to impress you!

Our Commitment to Your Business

The Corporate REO Division  is committed to providing you with the most rewarding service possible in managing and marketing your properties. Because our only focus is REO, you can count on our expert management of your asset, from initial assignment through closing, with a time sensitive manner of professionalism. Our traditions of customer satisfaction, results oriented success and expertise will earn your confidence and business.

You are an asset manager, a bank, a lender and seeking maximization of the sale proceeds from your REO sales! We provide exceptional local REO service for the Bradenton / Sarasota area combined thru and with our unqiue network of independent Real Estate brokers from Europe, Russia and the Middle East.

We give your assets the international exposure they deserve. Due to the nature of this business most of the international clients are paying cash within a few days. They are ready when you are ready.