Bradenton beaches named one of the happiest, healthiest places to live in America

by | Monday, January 21, 2019

Are you looking for a happy and healthy lifestyle? Then you should consider living in the Bradenton, Florida area!

The Bradenton-Sarasota area landed in the No. 4 spot on a new list ranking the happiest and healthiest beach communities in the United States, according to Southern Living. The report weighed a whole host of factors, including social wellness, financial security and sense of purpose and pride in the area. The Bradenton area landed at #7 in overall rankings of well-being, and #3 in measures specifically focused on financial well-being.

Also a fun factor was considered, naming the Florida Gulf coast the Disneyland for happy grown-ups.

Unfortunately, in 2017 the national US well-being had the largest year-over-year decline in the 10-year history of the
Gallup Well-Being Index. There were two elements of well-being that declined most sharply: social and purpose.

You simply must like what you do and have strong relationships if you want to live well.

The good news is, that there are some areas that are getting it right, including Bradenton! Residents here report having good physical health, feeling proud about their communities, enjoying good relationships and liking what they do each day.

Gallup-Sharecare, a global health and well-being data collector, asked 337,000 people to rate their quality of life to compile the list of happiest top cities, 10 of which were beach towns, according to Southern Living.

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